The benefit of always cleaning after yourself (AS Analogy)

When we were kids we had the pleasure of having mom, dad or an older sibling cleaning after ourselves. So if we left any dirty clothes on the floor or any dirty dishes on the table after eating any older mature adult would come up and clean up the mess. As we grew old hopefully […]

Documenting your classes with ASDoc in a MAC

After following different tutorials of how to run ASDoc on your computer and failing I finally was able to figure out a way to have it running with almost no issues at all, so I thought I would share my steps here for those of you still struggling with he situation. 1. First and most […]

Stop sound of loaded SWFs in AS3

Until now I didn’t have any issue when removing an item from the display list until the item had sound in it. This has to do with an application I am working on which loads several SWFs and they have to be turned “on” and “off”. When the SWF has to be turned off the […]

Error #1063 When loading XML

If you get the following error when loading XML and trying to get the node attribute: ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch. It could be that you typed attributes instead of attribute.

DescribeType for AS 3.0

Use describeType rather than a for-loop to enlist an object properties.

Convert milliseconds to seconds

( milliseconds / 1000 ) % 60

Setmask fails with movieclip

f your setmask(mask) fails make sure the movieclip you are masking is not too long or the set masking will fail, even if you set cacheAsBitmap = true.

Hide Old and Reveal New Script

[kml_flashembed movie=”/labs/swf/reveal.swf” height=”150″ width=”450″ /] I was talking the other day with a friend about a small challenge, having 2 images on stage with 2 ideas. 1- have the experience being user driven (in this case the mouse reveals one image while hiding the other) 2- Use XML for easy update. So we fired flash […]

Compile to Flash 8 when using EventDispatcher

or a while I was not able to fire different events and the reason why is because I was compiling to flash player 9 instead of 8. So if there are certain events that are not firing one thing that you can check is the export settings.

Creating empty movieclips – not on the fly

hen you need a visible movieclip instead of creating a movieclip on stage and cleaning it up create a moviclip directly on the Library -New Graphic-.